Cracking Down On ATVs in Moundsville

Moundsville residents Heidi and Timothy Gast are worried, they told members of City Council this week. Their concern is over misuse of all-terrain vehicles in the community.

Heidi Gast said she has seen people carrying babies while riding on ATVs and once saw a teenager who appeared to be naked on one. “My fear … someone is going to get seriously injured out there,” she said.

She is right. It is not a matter of if someone will be hurt, but when that will occur. Less than a month ago, a Benwood man carrying his 3-year-old son on an ATV crashed it on a city street. The child had to be taken by helicopter to West Virginia University Children’s Hospital.

Council members seemed to agree with the Gasts. Mayor Eugene Saunders stressed city officials “are going to get something done on these four-wheelers. It’s getting ridiculous.”

Council members agreed to discuss the matter during a future committee meeting. If new city rules are needed to prevent dangerous use of ATVs, they should be adopted – and enforced.