Potholes Make Man A GC&P Dodger

Editor, News-Register:

While driving down GC&P Road this morning, I was reminded of how the L.A. Dodger baseball team got their mascot name. Initially, the franchise was located in Brooklyn, N.Y. At the time, Brooklyn had a proliferation of street cars. Residents and pedestrians had to “dodge” oncoming street cars during their daily jaunts. So, their local baseball team took that moniker, the “Brooklyn Dodgers.”

Similary, this morning while driving to work, I found myself trying to dodge as many potholes as I could without crossing the center line on GC&P Road. With increased oil and gas, coal and West Liberty University/Bethany traffic, GC&P has become busier than ever. Aided by a long cold winter, the potholes have become almost infinite. For the safety of those traveling GC&P, please pave this pockmarked, high-travel corridor.

Dave Soloninka