No One Accountable For Broken Pledges

Technical glitches in the new national health care program – Obamacare – have been largely overcome, the White House assures Americans.

Tell that to the approximately 18,000 West Virginians who thought earlier this year they were signed up for Medicaid health insurance – but are not.

State officials revealed last week federal computers are having trouble transferring information from states, including West Virginia, about people who have attempted to sign up for health insurance through Obamacare.

About 10,000 Mountain State residents eligible for Medicaid will have to sign up all over again because of the fiasco in Washington. Another 8,000 who were found to be ineligible for Medicaid will have to sign up for other insurance through the federal exchange, because their information was not transferred after they went through the process in West Virginia.

This is inexcusable, of course – but it is just one of dozens of broken promises about Obamacare.

Yet, to our knowledge, not one federal official has lost his or her job over Obamacare. Perhaps that is because the biggest broken promise of them all was made by the president.