Morals, not safety, at heart of gun issue

If you want a plant to grow, give it soil, water, sunlight, and play some classical music in the background. When the plant succeeds, ignore biology and cite the classical music; sounds scientific.

President Obama, through Biden’s wisdom, hopes to eradicate dangerous situations with one wave bringing in 20-plus proposals. Some points and new “taxes” do have merit: increased background checks, registering of firearms in gun shows, limiting armor piercing rounds, funding violence investigations, and punishing sales to criminals. However, we see this Chicagoan dancing to the classical music through restricting firearm types, magazine capacities, and other liberties. When the dust settles, as with any progressive movement, we will ignore the trigger-puller and cite these limitations we put on pesky long guns and the banana clips; sounds scientific. (Let’s tighten up for phase two, Joe.)

Seeing the absolutely tragic loss of lives in elementary buildings, it seems easy to attack the smoking gun. However, when do we try guns in court? Are Beretta, Remington, and Ruger at fault? Are responsible firearm owners then criminalized? Media removes the human element, ignoring the inhuman actions of Lanza. Instead of passively passing firearm “firewalls” from the top, we should identify future weaknesses in schools and unravel and prevent inhuman tendencies at the community levels. Range safety is not in question, it is morals.

Forest Merryman